Our Patient Testimonials

Wesley's professionalism is second to none. He really is a tremendous physiotherapist who is passionate about what he does and this is reflected in his care for his patients. With Wesley's knowledge and understanding I have managed to keep a long-standing back problem at bay enabling me to carry on the sporting activities that I love to be involved with. Wesley's flexible therapy approach; including alternatives such as acupuncture, is so professionally tailored to you, the client. I really cannot thank Wesley enough for all his help.

Vicki Vega, Broxbourne

Wesley has been working with me for a number of years on a regular basis. I have suffered from fatigue and muscular pains for 25 years and a number of specialists have tried, unsuccessfully, to help me overcome the issue.

Visiting Wesley has allowed me to effectively manage the pain and live a normal life, in fact I probably work longer hours and put my body under more stress than many healthy individuals. Wesley will carry out a full assessment each visit to identify what my major issues are and why they may have been caused. He then varies the treatment as appropriate. He clearly is very knowledgeable about the human body and causes of various problems and is always willing to try something new. Whatever he does, he is always thoroughly professional.

Andy - Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

I have seen Wesley at Herts Physio on several occasions with different injuries which he has been able to assess and treat successfully. By taking an holistic approach which examines lifestyle he has also identified potential causes and established an exercise regime to address these areas.

I would like to thank Wesley for his time, patience and effort and would have no hesitation highly recommending him to anybody who requires a physiotherapist.

RW - Herts