Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

RSI is a 'catch all' term which describes how an injury occurs rather than how it presents or which body issues are involved. The presenting symptoms with RSI are extremely diverse and can affect any part of the body. The potential for this type of injury ocurring is now far better understood and is therefore far less common than it once was. The severity on first contact with a health professional is also generally less than it used to be. Improved workplace ergonomics have helped enormously.

Poor posture can be a significant component in causing the problem and conversely improved posture is generally the key stone in eliminating the condition and its symptoms.

At hertsphysio we understand that with a presentation suspected to be due to RSI, very thorough verbal and physical examinations are vital to understand how the body might be being used incorrectly and which tissues are specifically involved. A treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programme can then be put in place. Work place ergonomic assessments can be organised as required.