Sports Injuries Treatment

At HertsPhysio we understand how important participation in a chosen recreation is to people. This may be for the sheer enjoyment of playing and/or as a way of keeping fit. The social benefits of continuing to be involved in a sport or team can be enormous and coversely the thought of having to cease can be unimaginable.

We will work hard to understand the nature of the injury and give a realistic framework for recovery and return to activity. The healing process is well understood. Different types of tissue heal/recover at different rates.

When the knowledge of this is combined with ascertaining the severity or degree of an injury it should be possible to reasonably accurately predict a persons recovery/rehabilitation timescale. Physiotherapy in this situation can be said to accelerate or facilitate the healing/rehabilitation process.

At hertsphysio our working experience and personal interest in sport will help us tailor the rehabilitation to the desired activity specifically.